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Ice, jonquils & a marigold

From yesterday, Nokia Lumia 520


playing with the ice in the birds’ water dish …


… because it amuses me – it was minus 5C overnight


jonquils poking through my neighbour’s fence


my neighbour’s first marigold of the season

I did finish the ending for my novel yesterday. A surprise twist that I did not see coming, but readers may well expect it.

I’m off to work shortly. Have a good day.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Ice, jonquils & a marigold

  1. sue says:

    You jinxed us with your hint of spring. Freezing cold & raining. It wasn’t as cold as you had it though. Just the kind of weather to catch colds, keep rugged up and keep away from germy or germie (a new word) people.

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