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Bird Tales: cockatoo bullies

I took these photos this morning with the Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone. The sulphur-crested cockatoo on the far right is grubby and disheveled. The poor bird has hardly any crest.

sulphur-crested cockatoos

We had thunderstorms and rain last night, but it is still warm today – one window is open.

sulphur-crested cockatoos

the birds do the usual jockeying for places, switching from one section of the fence to another

sulphur-crested cockatoos

it’s getting warm in the sun, time for a drink

sulphur-crested cockatoos

it’s getting crowded…

sulphur-crested cockatoos

… very crowded …

sulphur-crested cockatoos

… turning nasty … the picked on bird moves to the water …

sulphur-crested cockatoos

… but the other bird reacts just as bad, forcing flight to the gum tree … I interfere

sulphur-crested cockatoos

I tell them to nick off. I then take my camera away so the bullied bird can come back down from the tree and have his turn.

I hope you are having a fine weekend so far.

I’m doing the laundry, and amusing myself on the PC. I’m working on getting Mail Chimp hooked up to my author platform, so I’ll have to look at the tutorials again. Since I must have all these sort of things set up before my book is ready, anyhow, it isn’t wasted time.

Ideally, I should write in the morning and doing these sorts of tasks for the afternoon. Oh well – as I said to Millie in comments in an earlier post – I’ll just keep moving the goal posts. The book will be ready when it’s ready.

Thanks for reading.  😀


2 thoughts on “Bird Tales: cockatoo bullies

  1. Sue says:

    The poor little fella, hope he got his share. maybe he is the youngest & hasn”t learnt his p’s & q’s. If he’s smart he’ll learn quickly.

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