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My Author Platform.

My author platform is finally ready enough for me to own up to it …I think. I have included a sample of my writing: the first scene. I just read it again, and it still needs a lot of clarification work.


I chose Fotolia because I fell in love with this dragon. Had to have it, so I stocked up there on images for my covers, website eye candy,and social media banners.

If you have time, check out my Author Platform. Tell me what you think. I know I’ve overdone the sign-up widget. Tomorrow I will show the sidebar only on the landing page. I should go to sleep now.

Have a good day. 🙂


11 thoughts on “My Author Platform.

  1. sue says:

    Ooooh, that trumpet fanfare was loud. Ok, head down, bum up, the starters whistle has blown and your half way down the track, the finish line is in sight……………….. yay, the winner, (sorry, I got a bit carried away)

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  2. Hi Christine, you need to explain to me, what is an author plataform. I visited yours, I like the header, your name is nice and the boat gorgeous, seems very professional. I don’t understand much abou dragons, but yours is cute, I don’t know if you want it to be scared :), I tried to sign up for the newsletter, but a message showed up saying something is wrong. Love the first scene, you are a great writer. Lots of imagination!

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    • Hello Elizabeth. Thanks so much for having a look. The ship photo is a professional stock photo and I’ll have a little bit of that on the covers of my books. I want my dragons to be cute, not mean. They interact closely with my people.

      I did have a test with the newsletter and it seemed to work okay, but I’ll check it out. I must make it so it only appears on the front page and bottom widget space on the other pages.

      An author platform is an author’s home base for interacting with fans, and selling yourself and your words. Even traditionally published author’s are expected to have a website these days.

      Thanks Elizabeth.

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