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Do you like my new theme?

I’ve been at it again! This theme – Franklin – hasn’t a header option, and the featured image isn’t as big as I hoped. Pretty basic theme, really. Nevertheless, it has a terrific menu function when using a tablet: a drop-down list instead scrolling down out of sight.  Despite this, I do still need to tidy up my messy menu. One day.

Let me know what you think.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Do you like my new theme?

  1. Changing themes is a good way to freshen things up, and a good way to feel re-energised. it is a nice menu, but I admit that I love my headers, so I would miss that. However, you do have a lovely big photo area (very nice coloured pic btw) so that makes u for some of that. In the end it is what you are happy with.

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  2. Carol Ann says:

    Very Good!!!!! Better maneuverability. Love the photo of you. You look like a Flamenco dancer…especially with the proximity of the large flower. You look happy!

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    • Hello Carol Ann. I’m pleased you’ve found the new blog theme easier to use – that was my aim. I’m usually happy, but I was about to attend my baby’s 40th birthday party so was extra happy. Thanks for commenting, and it’s lovely to hear from you again.


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