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On my fence: Rainbow Lorikeets

Last night, one of the lorikeets landed by the seed on the fence while I was still nearby – cameraless. Tonight, I coaxed it down for these photos. Eventually I left so its mate could come down, too. (Nokia Lumia 530)

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6 thoughts on “On my fence: Rainbow Lorikeets

    • I better not encourage them – I have visions of them landing on my shoulder, screeching for attention. I had a feeling I could coax it to land. Hi Sue. It was exciting. That first time, there hadn’t been any seed all day and I’d just been out to top up the water when they landed, before I even got back into the house. When I brought seed out, one fluttered about 6 feet above my head. So, after I put out the seed, I decided to wait to see what they would do. They both came down eventually. Last night I was wearing my high-vis tshirt, and that might have put them off a bit. 🙂


    • I didn’t bother the next night – late at work anyhow and they weren’t around. Too much seed is probably not good for them. I keep on intending to make lorikeet feed – another gunna moment.


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