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I know I keep telling you I’m working on my novel … and I am … just sometimes there isn’t anything to show for it. Last time I showed you a screenshot, I was all excited with my Liquid Story Binder purchase. Well, I have to admit defeat with that software. I have fabulous work-spaces, but no successful organizational structure – I keep getting lost and give up.

So, back I went to Scrivener. I still had the 30 day trial on my PC, but I deleted that and downloaded the special NaNoWrMo edition. If I should get my 50,000 words, I can purchase Scrivener 50% off the normal price.

And I won’t cheat.

I was going to draft my second novel during NaNoWrMo. Back in October, I had some grand scheme of rewriting book one in the morning, followed by letting it rip on the sequel. Really, I should know by now.

If I back myself into a corner, I just sit there with a blank brain and totally procrastinate to new levels! I wasted all yesterday – a non-working day – until I decided to go back to Scrivener.

Today, I’ve been out cleaning the windows of a four-bedroom house, came home, had an early lunch, and got to work in Scrivener. I did all the cork-board cards for the whole of Book One … again … didn’t import anything from the old file. I’m ready to go. Again.

scrnshot scrivener

Yes, they’re my two protagonists, egging me on. My Main Girl is just so gorgeous, I have to have her on my cover. I rewrote her looking like this. Who wants a plain and plumpish heroine anyway? We can do ugly in real life.



I paid for the various images of my couple at Fotolia, along with some dragons, a castle or two, and some mountains. And a lake. I should manage three book covers out of that lot.

Okay, have you finished laughing about those 50,000 words yet?


It’s only 4495 words a day, for the next 11 days, since I’ve already written a bit over 500 new words.  I can do this. I will do this. After all, it’s only drafting, writing fast and whatever comes to mind. I have the outline of the new scenes to work from. I know which scenes need more work.

50,000 draft words should give me plenty of words to bring my story to THE END. And then I can get scrivener for half-price.

I think I’ll have it ready for self-publishing by the end of January, at the latest. Christmas is coming up, and there are house repairs needing attention before we can comfortably welcome visitors. And I still haven’t put the pond out for the birds yet.

I’m not giving up on this dream, though. I’ll keep moving the goal posts. I’m good at that.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you’re having a good day.    🙂



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  1. It’s your dream – you can put the goals anywhere you please Christine. Sometimes just enjoying the running round on the field can be better than scoring the goal! (Ok, maybe not, but I was going with the theme!)

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