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What’s happened to my likes!

Has the like button been missing since I changed to the Franklin theme?

Well, I’ve only just noticed, probably because I was too busy being dismayed at the lack of a comment count. But I can’t put up with having no place for my people to express approval without having to comment. It’s bad enough having to click through to the post for commenting.

I had a look at the theme demo and, sure enough, no like button. It’s too Clean and Lite.

Likes still come through from the Reader and show in my notifications, which is why I didn’t realize. Just a nagging feeling that something was missing.

I’m sorry to change it again, but this theme has to go!



OOPS … Fixed!

Sorry.   😮


8 thoughts on “What’s happened to my likes!

  1. Carol Ann says:

    I cannot do ‘Likes’…it puts me through all sorts of paces I cannot follow…don’t know why? I have tried several times. Just remember I “Like” just about everything you do…!!! Feel better?

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    • Hi Carol Ann, thanks for calling in. Yes, I think it is a lot of bother for those of you who do not have a WordPress blog. I can’t get in myself sometimes when it logs me out. I was just having a bit of a sook – and it turns out that I made the ‘Like button’ vanish with my own fiddling around with the settings yesterday. I’m a dill. I’m glad you like everything I do. ❤ 😀


  2. Sue says:

    Can’t do likes either, can’t remember, but it wants me to log in or something. But you know i like all of your stuff, except Haiku, could never really get my thinking around that (yes, i do think).

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    • You’re a better thinker than I am, Sue! No doubt about that. My morning caffeine hadn’t revved my brain up yet this morning when I posted. It was all a false alarm, not a theme fault, because I did it to myself – made the ‘Like button’ vanish. I was interfering with the settings yesterday and didn’t realise it applied to the appearance (or lack thereof) of that button. So, I get to keep this theme. Relieved. Thanks for dropping in, as always. Now, I better go do some writing, the day is slipping away again. ❤


  3. sue says:

    Oh you are sweet, I do like flattery. You are lucky you know what you are doing on the computer, and/or how to get it back when lost. If I lose something it stays lost, half the time I forget what it was that I went and lost.

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  4. Funny! I went through a week of mystery over why everyone but I could set Featured Image in the new Editor. Turns out it had nothing to do with the new Editor, but my new dumber brain.


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