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Camping at Mortlake

Happy New Year everyone. After sweltering through 38C yesterday, we are now about to bed down in our canvas two-roomed tent – our first sleep on our Eurobed. I’m always nervous sleeping on an inflatable bed. We have one of our bedside lamps on, and the fan heater. Probably about 15C outside. Dark outside and a huge flock of noisy corellas sound like they are settling at last. The caravan park is almost part of the local parkland. Great amenities.

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In my pjamas, a nightie and a t-shirt.

Got my portable wi-fi, so stay tuned. Hope we’ve put the tent up well enough to withstand the wind.! 😊

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15 thoughts on “Camping at Mortlake

  1. sue says:

    If it get’s windy you need to cross lash it down, hope you have enough rope. Hope you don’t roll the wrong way during the night. You can always sleep in the car if it get’s too
    bad. But it’s half the fun isn’t it. The lake looks lovely. Is that close by.

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    • Morning Sue, the tent is well pegged all around, and is still standing. The front awning stayed in place too. 🙂 The bed is that one on tv where they run a little tractor over it. But sticky, I forgot to put the undersheet on. It has really good side edges, lot better than my old mattress at home. The lake is part of the local park and has fish in it. Photos later. 🙂


    • I love it, but as I’ve aged I like my mod cons nearby – proper flushing toilets, showers, microwave! Been a long time since we did real bush-camping. Thanks for dropping in, Claudette. 🙂

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  2. Hi Christine, so wonderful ‘camping’, being in contact with nature for the new year, and luxury having wi-fi there. Love you new profile photo and to see you in your pjs. Have a wonderful new year my dear friend.

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    • Good morning Elizabeth. Bit too much contact with the windy side of nature just now! And it’s expected to stay windy for a few days – nothing over 40kph. As to wi-fi, I’ve never mastered the art of tapping into the free waves. I got one of those portable thingys, works with wi-fi and the 3G phone network. It’s lovely having access though I never actually missed it much when away. Thanks for your kind words. ❤

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    • Hi Effy, thanks for your kind thoughts. My fun in the camping is being blown away this morning! A bit too windy. But, rugged up, it’ll be nice outside. Most of to-day will be spent visiting with my family anyhow. We declined going away on a day trip with them yesterday, choosing to check out the local attractions instead. Wanted to give them the time to themselves as a family – they both work hard. 🙂


    • Hi O.Babe, this isn’t REAL camping. Actually, I’m visiting my daughter. She does have a spare room, but we like our own space and her dogs and mine are incompatible. And Vika is scared of cats. 🙂 A change of scenery is as good as holiday, they say. I’m having both! Thanks for calling in. 😀

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