a bee and a shield beetle
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Bees ‘n things in the mint

These photos were taken today in my garden with the Nokia Lumia 520. I’m back on the desktop using Linux, so I’ve had to relearn how to scale images in GIMP. I did learn last year in an online class, but had forgotten. It’s simple when you know how!


wasp in the mint

First up, a wasp with a bright orange slash on his abdomen, though I didn’t get a good shot of that.As he flew about, his upper body flashed purple.

There was another little waspy thing, but the image of it was pretty boring. Uncaptured was a purply moth and a small bright orange double-winged skipper butterfly. I’ve been meaning to show you it for ages. The post is in my drafts, minus photos.

Next we have a bee flying in the background, and a shield bug on the mint blossom.

a shield bug and a flying bee

wasp in the mint

These shield bugs actually eat those colourful grapevine caterpillars I showed you some time back. I still have plenty of grapes on the vine. They’ll be ripe soon. I might manage to get a feed before the birds get to them. The nectarine tree up the back still has hard fruit on it, too.


the underside of the shield bug, and a bee

The creatures in this last one are positioned slightly different to the featured image.

I hope you’re having a good day. I’m busy messing about making an interim cover in Canva to display with my novel on Wattpad. I will make a start on publishing scenes on Monday (Aussie time). Wish me luck!


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    • It is a pestiferous weed! I rarely make use of it, but it just seemed wrong somehow not to grow mint. It’s always been part of my life. Until I started taking photos of bees, Babe, I had no idea they even had flowers! And by the way, it deters flies. So I learned when my brother-in-law hung a carcass of beef to age. He packed it with mint.So I grow it around my back door. Thanks for your compliment. ❤

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