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More minty bees, naked ladies, and editing

Bees on mint blossom

Bees on mint blossom (today, Nokia Lumia 520)


The naked ladies are poking up out of the ground. I saw only one stem with an open flower, and it was nearly under the footbridge.



Naked Ladies lily, on my walk this morning



last year, amaryllis belladonna, native of South Africa


This morning, I went over my published scenes again and was horrified to see quite a few simple mistakes. I intended to leave the line edit as the last thing I did – in case I end up cutting some chunks out – but I’m feeling a bit embarrassed that people will have seen those errors. I relied too much on Autocrit and Word to pick them up. Grammarly in my browser noticed.

It got warm today, reaching 38C in the shade, expecting 32C tomorrow, with some rain on the way.

I hope you are having a lovely day. 🙂



15 thoughts on “More minty bees, naked ladies, and editing

  1. sue says:

    OK you got me at naked ladies, thought I was missing out today. Brian sent me txt that, he went to buy milk, street party had started, about 15 young guys (models) walking around in micro speedos spraying water… being followed by group of 20/23 teen girls AND 8/9 old guys in shorts huffing and puffing after them. Then when I saw your message I thought there must be something wrong with my suburb. Didn’t realise they were called “naked ladies”, they are a beautiful lily though. Don’t be embarrassed Christine, probably no-one would have noticed until you said something, Aussies aren’t that great with grammar at the best of times, and if they did they would have known that it was a “work in progress”


  2. Naked ladies? I couldn’t wait to open your post to see what they might be up to. Lilies, you say. Can’t wait to see them when they bloom.
    The amaryllis belladonna are a delicious soft think and so delicate looking.
    *sigh* It’s always something when you edit. ❤

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    • ‘It’s’ is my bane at the moment! I was probably 38C myself, as I popped out in a sunhat to walk in the backyard now and then. Since I enticed you in with the title, thought I should show a bloom from last year. Lots of the belladonna growing, but not in my garden. Thanks, Tess.

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        • LOL. In the original post I said something like “I reached 38C today…” instead of “It reached 38C…”. I rewrote that paragraph before I read your comment, which I thought contained a subtle hint. No? 😮


        • Oh? 38C … yeah, some people are slow! [blush] Ummm, maybe if I had kept putting on weight. 34B is my ‘ideal weight’ size. My mum and daughter exceed 38C, with me being behind the door when boobs were handed out. 😮

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          • I believe cup size B used to be the average cup size for non-overweight individuals (which was, likely, based on Caucasian U.S. women). The average now is tremendously skewed by the average person being obese, by plastic surgery, and perhaps (I wonder) by far earlier puberty and by hormones in our meat supply.

            Anyhow, the point is, a B cup is far from being “behind the door”. The media would like women that size to think so, and most men now believe so.

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          • It seems I have fallen for the hype, but probably compared myself to mum. Nevertheless, I;ve always been happy with the advice from husbands that ‘more than a handful’ was a waste. 🙂

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  3. sue says:

    All of us have been sucked in. Men found a way to get back at us for becoming emancipated. They have “inferred” that what is the Norm & what men like, is totally unobtainable. According to the media, woman are supposed to be top heavy, sex crazed females who dress like the “Housewives” of t.v. They are implanting these ideas in young girls heads, no wonder they have problems with body image and get eating disorders. I was always 34A until menopause hit and then they grew, only problem is they point south.

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    • A few years ago, I worried how far south they were going to go, so I started wearing a bra at home – only used to bother when I left the house. And, I must admit, back when I was young I only just managed to qualify for an upgrade to the B-cup. Like it was a badge of honour. My daughter considered a reduction, but decided against it. Learned to live with them. Grass isn’t greener on the other side, no matter how much men might think it looks good.


  4. sue says:

    Do they really think big boobs look good or have they been conned as well, and then it becomes a vicious cycle, putting pressure on the female species to ‘measure up’. Most cosmetic surgeons are male!!! I hate wearing a bra and never used to wear one at home. Now I have some of those stretchy ones that they advertise, don’t really do that much, but I refuse to wear underwire bra’s unless I have to go anywhere special. I always take the wires out as they dig in. Who ever invented them obviously never had to wear them. The straps dig in, the back slides up, the band part usually folds over, and when you reach up for anything you have to readjust again. Mum had a friend who had reduction, they grew back again.

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