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Belladonna & yellow blossom

walk belladonna

this morning walk: belladonna – a splash of colour on a wet day


yesterdays walk – yellow blossom in the neighbour’s paddock


the bees didn’t seem attracted, but one turned up in time

We had another 1/4″ rain overnight and are having a thunderstorm at the moment. We have to go out to work. I passionately hate driving in thunderstorms.

Have a good day.  😀

[PS sorry about the original title – I was going to show you lorikeets but the images are just too gloomy]






4 thoughts on “Belladonna & yellow blossom

  1. sue says:

    Love Wattle. We used to have one in the backyard that I used to climb.
    Rain, I hope it stays out your way, Alec has just taken all the glass off the back room.

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    • Commonsense has struck before the next heatwave! But at least he knows now.

      I thought it might be wattle, but it’s the biggest blossom I’ve ever seen. 😮


  2. Pretty images Christine, Thanks! Wish WE had some of that rain to damp all these bush fires down. We are forecast rain and thunderstorms so are hoping they come. Tasmania is so very dry.


  3. sue says:

    Yes, didn’t think, just looked at the flowers but didn’t check the leaves, could just be a gum. The heading is ok – there is a fence!


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