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In my garden today …

lorikeets on my front fence

Rainbow lorikeets on my front fence (Nokia Lumia 530)



I very nearly had a photo of a silver-eye bathing in the small top pond, but the sun shining on the window foiled my plans. This is why you aren’t seeing the cockatoos lately – too many reflections on the window glass throwing back into the lens.

I coaxed the lorikeets out of the tree with some apple, else I wouldn’t be able to show you those, either! They let me get quite close to them.





Bee with its head in an Abelia trumpet  (Nokia Lumia 520)


And again … Bee & Abelia (Nokia Lumia 520)



Bee & Jasmine  (Nokia Lumia 520)



Bee & Hebe (Nokia Lumia 520)


 Have a great day.   Thanks for looking.    ❤


11 thoughts on “In my garden today …

  1. Wow. That last shot of the bee is amazing. I do believe he feels embarrassed for his drunken behavior. 😀 😀
    The birds are magnificent. Love all that color. You live in some kind of paradise. Thank you for sharing. ❤
    Happy Valentine's. ❤

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    • I’m still amazed – they only turned up a few years ago. There were two pair, but the others have settled elsewhere. I did see a small flock in town last year – foraging in a flowering gum tree, making a din! Thanks for dropping by RMW.

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