Clouds, cockatoos, and a whistling kite

All images:  19 Feb 2016, Nikon D3000, on auto, cropped


sulphur-crested cockatoos




I think the bird of prey in the featured photo (above)  might be a whistling kite … but I could be wrong





I’ve heavily cropped the images to show off the clouds. I love the layers.

Wikipedia says

The whistling kite is a medium-sized diurnal raptor found throughout Australia, New Caledonia and much of New Guinea. Also called the whistling eagle or whistling hawk, it is named for its loud whistling call, which it often gives in flight.



the kite is just above the power line, by that small cloud lower right


These are some of the first photos I took with my new-to-me Nikon D3000. I was pleased with the results,considering I was just using it as a point-and-shoot, on auto, and with the settings as it arrived.

I’ve since reset something and nearly jumped out of my skin when the shutter went off as I touched it. I reckon it must have been on a 2sec delay before. I’ve also discovered the fast multiple shoot mode – where I can take consecutive shots with one push. That might come in handy for birds, though I have to get the focus right. LOL. I took two photos of the cockies on the fence and each time one of them had a really blurry head as they moved.


hey, what’s happened to you – your head is all blurry


help! it’s happening to me now, what did she put in the seed?


I downloaded a manual, but haven’t read it yet. Might help, I’m sure.

Have a good day.   😀







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    • LOL. I did watch a short tutorial video on YouTube before I actually turned it on, which was handy as I hadn’t even looked for the on/off button yet. Yeah, I love the clouds – I never got that sort of depth with the phone cameras or my Fujifilm camera – but maybe I’m just justifying my purchase. 😀


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