Butterflies & Moths

Skipper Butterfly,and purple-tipped stamena

Using the Nikon D3000, on auto, but I set the lens on 55 mm.



Yellow banded Dart, on mint blossom, by my back door.


Isn’t the mint blossom gorgeous with all those little purple tips on the stamena.


Yellow-Banded Dart (a skipper butterfly)


Have good day.   🙂




8 thoughts on “Skipper Butterfly,and purple-tipped stamena

    • The first one I did with that pale background was a bee, and I got real excited, imagining what I might be able to do when I know what I’m doing! Thanks for your kind words Tess.


  1. The first photo is such perfection. What a beautiful image against the neutral background, Christine. The mint blossom really stand out along with the butterfly. Well done!

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