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Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #90: Friend & Shiver

I’m late with this haiku, but didn’t realise until just now.  😮   Oh well, you are getting it, like it or not.

I write in Haiku English Form using 5 / 7 / 5 syllables.

The challenge words are Friend & Shiver

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #90 Friend&Shiver

haiku using challenge words: friend & shiver

Did you notice how I snuck in another bee tongue – and what a beauty it is!

And another haiku  I did earlier which I do not wish to waste…  the challenge word shiver set this one off, for who could resist thinking of pirates shivering their timbers. Especially with Ronovan Hester using the word, having co-wrote a pirate tale with P.S.Bartlett – Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling


From the book blurb on Amazon …

I was born in London as Gabriel Wallace. The child of high society; although I was raised to appreciate everything that softly landed in my hand. I followed all the rules. I worked hard, studied hard and ended up a captain in the Royal Navy before my twenty fifth birthday. Unfortunately, I saw the world through my own eyes, not the eyes of my superiors and my vision was clear.
I knew my duty. I knew my job. I also knew deep down, regardless of the loyalty my commission required, my stance was in opposition and it was but a matter of time before they’d force me to stand alone.
Fortunately for me, my crew was loyal too and I had the full support of my closest friend and confidant as well. I didn’t know where I’d end up but I knew one thing for sure; I needed to get the hell out of England and thanks to them, I was taking my ship with me. 

I enjoyed Gabriel Falling, but his righteousness got to me by the end : what a prig! He took it too far sometimes, almost unrealistically so.  Nevertheless, this is a terrific tale of the high seas, and not always what one would expect of a Navy man turned pirate. Methinks more will be revealed in future books. I think he is on another mission, not one just for himself. A book for the boys.

I like sailing books. It might have something to do with my grandfather being a Royal Navy gunner – until 1908 when he jumped ship at New Zealand and done a runner.

Have a good day.     🙂

(goes to unplug internet, muttering the Condo750 post, you haven’t done that  yet … )



3 thoughts on “Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #90: Friend & Shiver

  1. sue says:

    Think Edward Teach also worked for the crown, who turned their back on him when he got into strife. Don’t think I would have like a life on the high seas, either for the navy or pirates. Not a romantic sight with your head over the railing heaving your breakfast, lunch & tea. I like the “gunner” did a “runner”.

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    • I noticed that rhymed, later, but wasn’t gunner change my [runner] gunner done a runner.

      Have good day, Sue. I’m just ducking in and out – need to leave the internet on for the thesaurus while editing – so I told myself. Sigh. Better go physically unplug.


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