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Local Landscape: Kangaroos

Hello people. I just got back from a quick trip to the docs to get a pathology slip for a cholesterol blood test, and a couple of scripts. I reckon it was the fastest turn around ever – the dog didn’t even get time to miss me! The latter was helped by a flock of about 15 cockatoos turning up for half a cup of birdseed I put out before I left. Sorry I missed that. I heard the familiar screech of complaint as I got out of the car, so one must have missed out. I have a crow visit now, too, watching out for stale bread.

Anyway, here is a photo I took while standing just in front of my car at the hospital car park. The time was not yet 4:30pm and these kangaroos were probably there when I pulled up 15 minutes earlier. I just didn’t notice them.

The colours on my phone seem to be a bit off, might be because the battery was critically low.



Kangaroos in paddock near Heathcote Hospital  [Nokia Lumia 530)

That is a concrete / cement works in the far right background. I believe the small hill is the result of  gold mining in the old days.

Tomorrow, I will take some photos of the hospital.  Here is an old postcard – this original section still looks the same. [I chickened out … another day! ]

postcard, c 1916, Heathcote Hospital, Victoria

Postcard: Heathcote Hospital c. 1916. Image is out of copyright (State Library of Victoria)


That gum tree in the postcard’s background could possibly be the same one – or at least a descendant of it – in my photo.

Have a good day.  🙂