Kangaroo (same one)

This is the kangaroo that visited last week – in the standing position checking out vehicles driving by on the highway. He was listening all the time, but was not the least perturbed by us talking in the kitchen. I took these through my window. I was not out there with him.



Male Gray Kangaroo


He left when a 4WD vehicle pulled up out front – out of his sight – and rumbled for ages. He had to go look. I followed (in my nightgown) and startled him when I looked around the bushes in our driveway. He headed off to the scrub. Somewhere in there they hop over the fence into the paddock on the right, and then spend the day laying around under gum trees between bouts of grazing.


Gray Kangaroo bounding away to the scrubby roadsides

Gray Kangaroo bounding away to the scrubby roadsides


Images taken with the Nikon D3000, cropped and framed in IrfanView.

Have a good day.  🙂





11 thoughts on “Kangaroo (same one)

  1. sue says:

    The poor fella, fancy seeing you in your nightie, hope you didn’t have rollers in your hair and had removed the face mask. He’ll never be the same.

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  2. I can’t imagine looking out the window and seeing a large kangaroo. It is the most amazing sight. I love your photographs. Are kangaroos noisy? Do they beep, honk, squeal, bark, or cackle?

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    • Excellent question, Janet! They must make some noise, but are not noisy unless they hop into an iron fence or shed by accident in the dark. I think they make sort of a clicking noise – which was exaggerated on our ‘Adventures of Skippy’ kid show. I’ve never heard them ‘talk’. I did find an answer when I Googled saying they hiss, grunt, and cough, and females ‘cluck’ when calling their joeys.

      I was fortunate with the photos, having plenty of light and my kitchen window glass relatively clean, plus it gave me plenty of poses. 🙂


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