A typical autumn walk

Here is a slideshow of my walk with Vika this morning. I took 119 photos with the Nikon D3000 DSLR. I’m showing you seventeen.
If you want to see any of the images larger, simply pause the slideshow, right click, and select ‘view image’. I’ve kept the quality down since there are so many.

Seeing the owl is becoming typical. Apparently owls will intermittently return to the same roosts for several years. Once the leaves fall from the oak, I suppose it will seek a better place. This one was staring pretty intently at Vika, as if sizing her up for its next meal. They can take down quite big prey and would tackle Vika quite easily! Vika had her tail between her legs, so maybe she knew it was up there … or she maybe she saw a cat.

Thanks for looking, have a nice day.


10 thoughts on “A typical autumn walk

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to go for a walk, and you see quite a lot of wildlife too. Thank heavens for digital cameras so you can take as many photos as you want and pick out the best ones. 🙂

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    • Digital cameras are the best memory retention devices in the world! Thanks for dropping in Sue. Sorry I’m not getting around any blogs at all while I’m editing my fantasy book.


      • sue says:

        Thanks Christine. Lovely photo’s, appreciate the gallery. Nice rainy day today, only problem is I can’t take the dog out until it stops so instead of using the “pee” pads he decided to make a puddle right in front of the wardrobe (the pads are about 12 inches away from where he relieved himself). Didn’t even look ashamed of himself when I reprimanded him.

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  2. I envy what you describe as a typical walk because of the variety of birds you see. I especially enjoyed the owl; owls have always been my favorites in the bird family. Fortunately, a great horned owl and its offspring have hung around our neighborhood for several years now. I count myself fortunate when I hear or sight them.It makes my day.

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    • I was especially blessed on that day – this morning was a wet fog and I did not see one kangaroo and the owl had roosted elsewhere. Glad to know you get the pleasure of owls, too. Thanks for dropping by, Janet.


  3. sue says:

    This you have to see for yourself, go to:- The World’s easiest quickest way to peel potatoes. Haven’t tried it out, but it looks good to me, all those hours slaving over a hot potato peeler – no more.

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    • I see – boil,then chuck in ice water, peel off skin with your bare hands!
      I use a knife, I gave up potato peelers years ago! And then I microwave them if I want mash, and half microwave them if I want to roast them. Not worth getting together all that ice water for a few spuds.
      Very entertaining though – thanks!


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