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Retro Sketchbook:Sheep


I’m sharing another page from my 1970s sketchbook. The sheep in the featured image were drawn on my 15th birthday. The sketchbook was a birthday present.


sketchbook - 1970-1971 sheep

sketchbook – 1970-1971


Some time later, I have entertained myself by ‘improving’ the pencil work with a red ballpoint.  Later, when I began oil painting, I began signing my artworks using ‘Teen’. That is the name used by my family.

At the time, we rented an old farm house on a sheep farm on the outskirts of Hamilton, Victoria.

I wonder why I crossed out the sheep head on the top right – it looks pretty good to me now! I think it is a lamb, as is the one on the top left. I really should try sketching the sheep next door. When we are done with winter, I shall give it a go.

Thanks for looking! I hope you are about to enjoy a great weekend.  🙂



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    • Some things managed to go with me when I did my nurse aide training and moved with me to my first marriage – along with my baby photos and some school reports, too. I believe I still have my French textbooks. 🙂


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