Wattpad: Taniel

What do you do when, after thanking someone for scene feedback, they say …?

Thank you for writing such a wondrous piece!

You cry.


What do you do when one of your young readers is moved to do this …?


Taniel drawn by Larkin (Wattpad)


You cry … a lot.

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Thanks for looking.

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5 thoughts on “Wattpad: Taniel

  1. sue says:

    What a beautiful thank you. Don’t know how old your artist is, never mind, but it is a gorgeous heroine, you could picture her stepping out of the book and coming to life. In your place I would be crying buckets

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    • The lovely thank you was from another writer whose book I admire, so I was really touched. Larkin is in High School and she drew Taniel just how I imagine her. It was a moving moment, that’s for sure.


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