Nokia Lumia 520 windows phone: scenery image taken from behind our place

Nikon D3000 DSLR: bird, and bee images


Wattlebird, euclytptus blossom


I think this is one of the best images I’ve got of a wattlebird, so far. The tree is always in heavy shadow and the birds just a little too high up. Another lens would be useful.



New Holland honeyeater – nearly!


New Holland Honeyeater: I am looking forward to the day when I have perfected the art of capturing this bird flying with a bit of clarity. Today, this bird flew only a foot above my head, chasing a wattlebird out of the ivy. Too late to raise the camera, they were gone. It has a surprising amount of yellow in its wings.


coming right to me


After days of non-stop rain, these galahs were soaked and miserable-looking. That is an unused three-roomed bungalow behind them. Each year I think is the year we will freshen it up but of course, we don’t. Perhaps this summer. It needs painting and renovation – much like our house, which is why I have never put up an image up of it, ever.   🙂


wet, bedraggled galahs



crimson rosella, deep in clover


I expected the rosella to fly away, so I was a little quick – a lot of camera shake.


crimson rosellsa



male superb fairy-wren


female superb fairy-wren


And, to finish off, some more sunny bee ‘n  nectarine blossom images.


bee in nectarine blossom



Thanks for looking!    🙂



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Random photos: September


6 thoughts on “Random photos: September

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    You know I love the bee photo’s but the birds come a close 2nd. Nearly missed the Wattlebird, had to look hard. Looks like the bungalow will be an “after the book is finished project”. Shame to leave it sitting there being neglected. (Would you ever consider letting it out, would bring in a nice little income I should think). I don’t think Alec will ever finish renovating our place, he keeps finding cracks. I tell him to take his glasses off, it will save him a lot of work that way.

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    • A good wash would help, and a lick of paint, insulation, a few new floorboards. No electricity since the overhead wires need to go underground. We like our privacy so can’t imagine letting it, has no bathroom or toilet either. One day, though. That old story – got the time but no money, got the money but no time. 🙂 Should have a family working bee! Glad you found the wattlebird. 😉

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  2. I love all your photos, Christine, Thanks for sharing!
    As far as renovations are concerned, we, that is my husband and i, have total sympathy and understanding for you.
    When I take my glasses off, I find our place looks not too bad, but with glasses on, I see a lot that would need some t l c.

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    • Every January I draw up a daunting list of things needing attention. It is really only a matter of starting. We will have funds soon, before we get too old to do it ourselves. Thanks for dropping by, Uta, and I’m glad you enjoyed my photos.


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