cows in a paddock covered in capeweed
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Cows ‘n Daisies

The paddocks by my house are thick with the yellow flowers of capeweed. Though we call them daisies, they are little sunflowers. They open and close with the sun and keep their faces turned to it.



flowering spring grasses and weeds


I remember when you could taste the capeweed season in milk. I supposed the micromanagement of cow feed these days has removed the taint. As children, we made daisy chains. I can never recall so many different flowers in the paddocks, for there are more than daisies. There are other weeds and clovers flowering, too, amid lush spring grass.



capeweed on the roadside



down the lane beside our house



Field of daisy and grasses


Colour everywhere one looks. Even the weeds doused by the council are dying in various shades of red.  The little creek under the footbridge is flowing. Birds are building their nests and darting about, drunk on spring.

Thanks for looking. Do have a good day!





15 thoughts on “Cows ‘n Daisies

  1. Hi CR – wow – I wonder what milk would taste like with the taste the capered – hm – I bet extra good.
    and such a beautiful vibe to your words here – the color everywhere and being drunk on spring ….

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  2. I know nothing about cape weed, so you have educated me a bit today. I loved the photographs and this line: “Birds are building their nests and darting about, drunk on spring.” I’ve seen birds act just like that.

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