Down by the footbridge, a spotted pardalote is nesting in among stones in the foundations. The Nikon D3000 was able to capture him. This was early in October.




A superb fairy-wren by my back door.





Thanks for looking.   🙂


Superb Fairy-Wren & Spotted Pardalote


12 thoughts on “Superb Fairy-Wren & Spotted Pardalote

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Lovely shots, love the one of the fairy wren with head up. Had a little lizard near the front door and it didn’t move so I thought it may be stuck to the concrete, it was hot today. Went inside to get a bottle of water to wet him down. Came back and he started to wriggle away, bells went off, is it a baby snake or not, yes, no. Called the neighbours and they got torch, we were about to give the execution order when I saw some tiny legs. I’m not kidding, you could just see them. He was wriggling just like a snake and was long and thin. Don’t know the colour as it was rather dark. Thought you might know.

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