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A leafy walk

All the trees have lush foliage this spring. Any grass left unattended has grown above fence lines. The first of my red roses were as big as bread-and-butter plates, even though I never feed them, are prune badly, and must be over 20 years old. Different varieties of clovers are flowering in pretty clumps when one takes time to notice. The yellow cape-weed daisies are thinning. The bee numbers are picking up. Walking outdoors among all the greenery is delightful.





Taken at the end of our service road with the Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone

Thanks for looking. Do have a great weekend.   🙂


6 thoughts on “A leafy walk

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    That looks so peaceful and green. Today is scorching hot(only supposed to be 22 but I am sure it has gone higher) as is tomorrow 33 and Monday 31. Oh, I wish winter didn’t go. Now the grass is going to go brown, the weeds are already sending out their seeds as is the clover. Have to check the poor dogs paws after walkies. Xmas decorations have been put up around our area and are twinkling at night. Oh no, Santa wants pudding soon, If I spike his hot toddy he might fall asleep and forget Xmas. Still picking up darts from Julius’ birthday presents. One time he is going to be slow on his reflexes and the dog will catch him (thinks dog is great target, poor little thing). Have confiscated one Nerf gun, only problem is he has more and they they fire multiples. The parent who gave it to him is going to be thrilled when his little darling receives the machine gun type Nerf gun.

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  2. Eek! Xmas decorations already! Yes, grass-seed time is here. And lots around, this year, too. I’ve never been into giving kids toy guns. Eyes are too vulnerable. Let them get their killing done on videogames. Less personal than pointing at a living target. It’s predicted to be 39C here tomorrow.


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