These images of the Australian Painted Lady were taken a few days ago with the Nikon D3000, on auto. Many smaller butterflies have arrived and I’m guessing they’re juveniles. I have never experienced so many butterflies all at the one time like this before! So many species of all sizes flitting about at all levels. I was fortunate to spot that Lesser Wanderer when I did for, apparently, my milk thistles aren’t attractive after all.


I can’t stop taking photos of the Painted Ladies. I was trying to get some different angles when I noticed the sunlight lighting the back of this one with a golden sheen.




I made these images a little bigger and using the image posting format.

Thanks for looking. Do have a good weekend.


Butterflies & Moths

Australian Painted Lady


12 thoughts on “Australian Painted Lady

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    You have been very lucky to capture so many. Do they visit any specific plants or flit from one to another. Have you noticed any lack of a certain species of bird, could account for the increased numbers of butterflies.

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    • It’s the season, I think, Sue. And the flowering tree is drawing them to my place – I’ve forgotten what type of tree it is. I think it was the Painted Ladies that like to lay their eggs in capeweed and there was a lot of that about. There doesn’t seem to be as many sparrows around and I rarely see the New Holland honeyeaters either. I just presumed they were nesting.


  2. sue ouzounis says:

    A HA, was thinking about the powder on months and butterflies and was amazed that it is really made up of fine scales made from the same stuff as the shells on some insects. It helps refract light and can make it appear iridescent, like soap bubbles. It also makes them slippery and harder to stick to spider webs.

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    • Oh wow, thanks for that, Sue. That explains the shine! I saw one slipping through a cobweb the other day and wondered. The numbers of the butterfly visitors have dwindled rapidly this last day or two. (And thanks for the lovely Xmas card. Looks like I’m not doing cards this year. I really hope I can catch up with you in person next time we come to Adelaide.)


  3. sue ouzounis says:

    I actually did mine early this year, for a change. All you need do is put one in your blog and that should cover everyone. How many years have you been saying that for now? I know, I know, there has always been a reason, and that has been more important.

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