Nikon D3000, on guide or auto. Cropped, scaled, and sharpened with GIMP.






Here is the featured photo, again. It’s so good because the bee landed in the same instant as I got the lavender in focus. Sheer luck!


Now, this last one was taken yesterday, during a stint of trying out the manual focus for the first time – I actually managed to turn the ring and click the shutter before it flew off. Not easy. The sunlight washed out the blue a bit.


As you can see there, I’ve experimented with adding a watermark.

I have five or six of these blue-banded bees flying about at the moment, of varying sizes. In the right light, one has dark aqua stripes.

Thanks for looking!   🙂






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Blue-banded bee


5 thoughts on “Blue-banded bee

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Does this bee have a stinger, there doesn’t appear to be much of a pointy bit on his end. Has been a little bit of buzzing in the street trees but not as much as other years. Hope that is not a bad sign.

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    • He does have a mild sting. It might be that your yard has plenty of competition for the bees. The street trees seem to be blossoming extra well here, too. Now that the tree outside our kitchen has stopped flowering, there is hardly any bees. I swear there were thousands of them weeks ago. I’m rapt to have more than one of these blue ones this year.They must be nested nearby.


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