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Australian Grapevine Moth larvae – I’ve been watching out for these cuties on my grapevine. I have to be quick as I think the birds like them, too.  We are expecting a warm week, so maybe my grapes will ripen after all. The blackbirds are checking them daily, and the sparrows.

Wikipedia says…

The Australian grapevine moth (Phalaenoides glycinae) is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is endemic to the south-eastern half of Australia, but is an invasive species in many parts of the world, including Canada and South Africa.


Photos taken with the Nikon D3000.


Okay, a weird camera angle there!    It is upside down – we’re looking at his chin and the first two sets of legs.

Thanks for looking.  I trust that you’re having a fine weekend.   🙂



8 thoughts on “Caterpillar

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    The upside down caterpillar reminded me of the chinese dragons you see at celebrations. Colourful little chap isn’t he/she, although I don’t like the really hairy ones, this one isn’t too bad. When I was little I always thought they would be prickly & poisonous.

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