Rainbow Lorikeets

Hello all, sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’m still flat out  with the finishing touches to my book (see though I did take some time out on Sunday to catch up with laundry, vacuuming, and washing the dog.

I don’t see the lorikeets as much since I stopped putting seed out, but I hear them in the flowering gum trees by our house. This time of the year, we get the red-and-blue parrots (crimson rosellas) at the ornamental cypress in our yard. They dig seeds from the little round cones. They are usually too fast to photograph but the lorikeets are much braver and let me get close with the Nikon D3000.


The lorikeets refused to oblige me by sitting in a sunny spot. The lighting was a bit odd, being late in the day with lots of shadows. I had a bit of a fiddle with GIMP software to bring the birds out from their background.


Thanks for looking. Do have a good day.   🙂



8 thoughts on “Rainbow Lorikeets

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Beautiful bird, isn’t nature wonderful. We get mostly the little green (noisy) parrots, Sulphur crested’s and a few of the more colourful ones, can’t tell you which ones as you can hear them but only see them as they are shooting out of the trees as you walk past. We don’t get the big black ones any more, they were from Kangaroo Island & only appeared for a few weeks at a time, and there were not many of them. The big gum trees they roosted in have been chopped down. That’s a real shame as they are quickly disappearing. Very, very loud and messy, so people don’t really take to them.

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    • When I was a kid, seeing black cockatoos was supposed to be a sign of rain. I’ve always loved parrots. My grandma kept budgies and had a cockatoo, so I guess that’s why I love birds so much. 🙂


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