All images taken with the Nikon D3000 on auto. I probably should have had a faster shutter setting – lots of blurred movement while they cavorted in the water. The light was low, and I think that will slow the shutter when its on auto. I haven’t got anywhere with my Nikon D3000 for Dummies book yet.  🙂





I ordered a secondhand Nikon lens from eBay today (55mm–200mm zoom). It comes with its packaging, leaflet, and both the lens and dust caps. The store is a camera place so I’m confident it was money well spent.  As well, elsewhere on eBay, I picked up a tripod, and a remote for my infrared shutter release. I’ll be set for great nature photos on our next trip. I’m especially keen to get up close and personal with water birds.

Did I tell you we have ordered our camping trailer? A rear-folding solid floor camper. I can’t wait to go camping again. Our solar panels will arrive soon. We got  a set of folding solar  panels (2 x 100w panels). The trailer comes with a smallish battery but we’ll hold off getting a bigger capacity one until we decide if we’ll get a fridge or just get a better esky (icebox). I like the idea of not chasing up ice while on a prolonged stay in a single place.  Not a problem if we are in a caravan park or a town.

The car is booked in to have an electric brake controller installed next week. We will have an Anderson plug put in, too, though we don’t intend charging the camper battery with the car. We might want to put a fridge in the back. The canopy is insulated and the fridge will be better off there on the drive to and fro, than in a galvanized toolbox.

Also during my morning spending spree, I bought a little solar fountain. I’m going to set up my fibreglass pond set – again. Before, it just bred mosquitos and algae. Once I have plants and a couple of goldfish established, it will be low maintenance and then there will be plenty of water for the birds when we are away.

Well, I better get back to typing in my final line-edit. I’m 79.5% done if the book goes back to 80,000 words. Each time I listen to Microsoft Sam read to me, I end up paring a little more fluff.  It’s been great experience for me, this reading aloud lark. Next book, it will be the first thing I do, not the last!

I hope you are having a lovely week.  I’m over my cold pretty much, but Mr R has just got his. It was inevitable.

Take care.  🙂

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New Holland Honeyeater


6 thoughts on “New Holland Honeyeater

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Don’t talk about colds, my hayfever is bad enough. Glad everything is working out. Beaut birds, doesn’t matter about the blurring when they are playing, makes it more lifelike. Soon you will be joining the grey brigade, roaming the backroads of Australia. You could have got the old caravan on the road, hooked up a horse and become gypsies. Alec would never do anything like that, his idea of camping is a mobile home (truck size) with all the amenities.

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    • With our 4×4, we would have handled the weight of the old homemade caravan. Always an option, LOL. Rob is not at all keen on extended roaming. Probably three weeks will be tops. And yeah, the blurred pictures show just how much fun the birds are having!


      • sue ouzounis says:

        But so much more romantic plodding down the side roads, camping close to a burbling stream, playing your guitar as you sit by the campfire and looking up at the stars and listening to the “wild” animals in the bush. Koala’s can make a hell of a din munching on those gum leaves.

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