Hello folks, I took my new lens out today and the first living thing I could find to photograph was a spider — sorry about that. And the most hideous spider since last time I said that, too!  Uncropped and on the full 200mm, which meant I could not get too close to the beastie. I was fine with that.spiderDSC_3541spiderDSC_3542

I’m very pleased with the lighting and the blur. I had it set on auto, of course. It took me a little while to get used to the image in the view finder jumping up and down (the vibration reduction feature) and the feel of the lens mirrors moving.

It appears I may have got this cheap because the original box was damaged – like it had been squashed or – heaven forbid – dropped.  The lens looked unused and immaculately clean and was still wrapped in its anti-static bag, with the lens hood in the storage position. I’ll need to read the instructions to get that turned around. Come with a lens pouch and UV filter. I’m rapt.


I hope the honeyeater makes up for forcing yourself to look at the spider.

I hope you have a lovely Easter coming up. We’re saving our trip for when our camper trailer is ready. We had the electric brake controller put on the Triton yesterday, and the fellow changed our round 7 pin socket to a 12 pin flat plug, which negates the need for a separate Anderson plug. We didn’t want to use the car to charge the trailer battery since it will be charged when we leave home and we’ll only do shortish trips and have low power requirements. Still undecided about getting a 3- way fridge.

Thanks for looking.  Take care. 🙂

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Don’t look if you have a spider phobia


2 thoughts on “Don’t look if you have a spider phobia

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    If you are only going on short trips I don’t think you need the expense of a 3-way one at the moment. Different if you were going to be a great distance from civilization.

    I think the camera may have been shaking because you were so close to the subject, and it wasn’t the camera’s fault.

    Alec came face to face with one of those years ago, it was strung from the clothes lines across the yard to a bush. You can guess what happened to the bush! Don’t be too harsh on spidey, as I tell Julius they eat other nasty bugs like mosquitoes. Also, they are part of the food chain. I don’t know who would want to eat them though.

    Have a great easter and watch out for that nasty Easter Bunny, he keeps dropping eggs around the yard and he knows I am trying to get a few kilos off the waist line. (I think I still have a waist line, somewhere).

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    • You can buy a lot of bags of ice with $500+ a fridge would cost! It would be nice luxury while in caravan parks, though. I left the spider alone. As to shaking, I had a better day today with an outing on the P setting. Trying another book I have – actually noticed I have foolproof ISO setting symbols. Played with taking photos in shade and sun this morning. Pleased with results. Have a good Easter, Sue.


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