Well, it’s here at last.


parked on the way home from the dealer

We picked it up on Thursday and set it up roughly to catch the predicted rain. Here it is Sunday and it has only just dried. It leaked quite a bit but now I hope that the canvas has been well-seasoned.


our rear-folding solid floor camping trailer

I’ll share more photos when we take it out for real!  I ordered a battery to go with our solar panels today, plus an extra 100w panel.  Perhaps we may be over-powered now. The second-hand fridge/freezer we purchased uses 55w – whatever that really means – and we are going to run it from the 120ah AGM battery, leaving the trailer’s 55ah for lights and other stuff.  It’s costing a bit to set up, but will save on site fees in the future.

Vika has a sore foot – she was okay last night. Most of the day she hasn’t seemed well. I carried her outside to do her business a few times and about 3pm she began weight-bearing a little. She limped around, drank,  had a feed,  and went back to sleep.

So, there was no walking to the footbridge today. Or yesterday, either, because of the persistent rain. Here are some photos I took recently…


a frosty April morning


hawthorn berries providing a splash of colour at the footbridge


the trees are turning late this autumn

All photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 530 Windows phone.

Thanks for looking.  Do have a great week.  🙂



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Camper Trailer


8 thoughts on “Camper Trailer

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    That’s great. Funny thing, people around the corner had their’s set up on the front lawn, extra room going off the side. Don’t know if they were checking it out before going away or just back and cleaning it up. Or maybe they have visitors and it’s an extra room or maybe, like you have just bought it and were practising. You sound nicely set up for long range camping. Have fun.

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    • They are probably ‘seasoning it’ like we are, with ours, only we didn’t add the room (zip on awning and walls panels and velcro-ed floor ) because we haven’t the room in our driveway. We relied on rain instead of hosing it down. I’m eyeing off weather at Echuca for the coming weekend. The tent will get wet again tonight and maybe will dry again before another wetting. Hopefully we can dry it thoroughly over the weekend so we can keep it packed away. They recommend 3 wetting and drying cycles to properly season canvas! It’s an exciting prospect – our first trip out. 🙂


  2. sue ouzounis says:

    Good luck with the seasoning. Think I would be buying a multitude of those water proofing spray cans just to make sure. Do you know if you get an area with a drip, you are supposed to put your finger on the drip and run it down the canvas, along the line of the threads and that is supposed to fix it. Remember never to put it away wet, big disappointment when you open it the next time and it’s mouldy. Used to love camping, but Alec’s not into it. Went to a Ranger camp in Victoria years ago (same time as Woodstock in the U.S.) and it rained constantly. The Boy Scouts had their Jamboree at the same time and decided to quit, but us hardy girls stuck it out. Most of us moved into cars, I had 3 in a Morris Minor, we climbed in through the boot, when you turned over everyone had to move in unison, it was a fun weekend.

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    • I didn’t know the finger on the drip hint! It dripped a tiny bit above the bed – right where our heads would be – with last nights rain, but everywhere else seems fine. I settled the canvas better on the outside so the water wouldn’t gather where it’s fixed to the trailer. Thanks Sue. 🙂


    • I’m saving up the photos for when we are actually camping. It has an amazing pull-out kitchen with a big sink, stove recess for my two burner/grill, and a big stainless steel prep area. I’m looking forward to sharing a step-by-step photo montage the first time we take the camper out.


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