I’ve decided to go wide today, sharing the variety of birds spotted in my yard (and over the fence) while lurking with the Nikon D3000.

The featured image (above) is a pair of House Sparrows. 

Next … I think this is a female Scarlet Robin. A new-to-this-blog bird.


Fairly certain this is a female Scarlet Robin



or perhaps ’tis juvenile Scarlet Robin


White-plumed Honeyeater


Willy Wagtail

Below, another new-to-this-blog bird …  there was a small flock of these Yellow-rumped Thornbills in my neighbour’s yard.




Yellow-rumped Thornbill


Wattlebird looks on from afar


New Holland Honeyeater


The blue sky vanished and rain threatened. So I took my camera inside.  For a while this week, it looked like we might go camping but rain is expected to be consistent tomorrow. We will hold off, yet again!

Perhaps I will get some writing done. Perhaps not.

I have decided to merge all my blogs into one.   I pay for an upgraded site, so I may as well make the blog I love the most my primary site.  I’ve found it too hard to separate writing from the rest of my life. Anyway, I was never really rapt in the idea of  trying to present myself as a professional writer. I think those polished sites with professional headshots are for aspiring writers who want an agent and publisher. Not me.

Ad-free! This proposed blog merger came about after I checked it out when testing a laptop we bought on eBay. There was a couple of video ads on my blog post. I hated the fact that they were there. I usually just see an innocent ‘from time to time your readers will see an advertisement here‘.

I will export the best bits? of this blog over to christinejrandall.com I’ll stick the book stuff on a landing page, and have the home page showing the latest blog posts. Though the theme might change, I’m keeping this blog’s tagline and the owl photo header.

Okay – now I want to go and fiddle with themes …  So I will, ‘cos I can.

Do have yourself a great weekend!







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5 thoughts on “Random birds & Merging Blogs

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Love the birds, haven’t seen a robin red breast for yonks, don’t even remember what they looked like.
    Don’t wait too much for rain, they keep telling us we are going to have rain and if we are lucky the ground will be damp when we get up and just enough to make the car dirty.

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    • I’m keeping a lookout for a male robin red breast, Sue. Like you, it seems an age since I saw one – and the flame robins with the orange front. I don’t think they are urbanised birds, at all. We have had a bit of rain here. Haven’t seen any heavy stuff up at Echuca whenever I check the radar. Talk of Tuesday morning hail put me right off!


  2. I’m with you on the one blog thing Christine. You are right that your writing is part of who you are, so it makes sense to have it together for the reasons you mentioned. I have mine set up like that, and am pretty happy with it. I do still have to have a separate site for my business though, but I only post to the blog there once a month.

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    • Hi Claudette, if i have as many stories to sell as you have your exquisite treasures, then I’ll be rapt! I had a look the other day, meaning to drop into your blog but ended up clicking through to check out your new shop pages.

      My author page on Amazon and elsewhere (later) would be the first point anyone would check, I suppose. I have to admit, during half a century of reading, I never once felt the urge to find more about the authors! I was happy with whatever I was told on the jacket flap. 🙂

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      • Thanks for having a look Christine. I am with you on the authors thing – I just want to read the book, unless is is totally exceptional and then I might want to find out who wrote it. Probably happened once or twice in my reading life.

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