Last Sunday, we went for a drive to this pretty spot – Mount Ida Inlet, Lake Eppalock. I was hoping to photograph some pelicans.


I spotted this pair in Mount Ida Creek, one of the many tributaries into the lake. The O’Keefe Rail Trail is nearby, its bridge spans the flood lines of the creek.


(All images: Nikon D3000, cropped and edited in GIMP)


I’m looking forward to the day when the rail trail runs behind my place.  I’ll probably get a bike and cycle to this spot, with my camera, at least once. Maybe.


That’s Mount Ida in the background. You might be able to make out the rail trail bridge, made of metal, on the left, behind that cluster of leaning dead trees. That’s where the creek runs in.

Thanks for looking. Do have a great weekend.



Mount Ida Inlet, Lake Eppalock


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