So, where was I before I dropped off the planet to be obsessive about pursuing family history DNA connections and getting my next fantasy novel ready for revision…  I had promised more about our trip to the Murray River in our camper. I took hundreds and hundreds of photos and then couldn’t decide what to share – especially when the really good ones made the others look pretty ordinary. When did I get so fussy!


So, in order. On the first morning, this Caper White Butterfly (Belenois java teutonia) fed on Cape weed flowers. I never saw it again. Most of the time I was looking up, anyhow.


There were pardalotes nesting in a tree in front of us. These have more yellow on them than the ones at home. At this stage, I didn’t know if they were spotted or striated.




While I was following thornbills about, I looked by my shoulder and saw a little one watching me.


It was about now I became overwhelmed with what to share. Honestly, I kept meaning to come back the next day, and then next.


And now, tomorrow, we are heading off again. And I will have another 700 photos to choose from! I hope we have internet this time. A phone reception would be nice, too.

Next… sawfly larvae.


And then I chased bees about. I’m sure I got my 10,000 steps up for the day!  Poor Vika was sick of following me about.


And I’m still not up to the exciting parts. I saw a new-to-me bird during the afternoon. And, above me, was an unexpected treat – unnoticed for days! A Frogmouth!

Thanks for dropping in. Do have a good day.



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  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Poor Vika, I’m so sorry she didn’t buy you a papoose or billy cart to ferry you around in. Great photo’s. The larvae (spitfires the kids call them) are revolting. You see them pulsating all over some of the smaller trees and it gives you the creeps. You know we forgive you, don’t know how you are able to get so much done.

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