Murray River, near Barham Mill Bend, on the Victorian side looking at New South Wales.(November 2017, using the Nikon D3000)


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    • Thanks Sue. I haven’t fished since I caught two carp, about 15 years ago. You’re not allowed to throw them back! And the dog we had back then dug them up after a few days. Not nice. I wouldn’t say no to couple of nice redfin or a small rainbow trout. 🙂


  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Don’t know if they restocked with redfin & trout lately. The carp took over years ago & I think they had restocked at one time. My uncle used to fish the Hume Weir regularly, and the redfin were beautiful. Got taken over by the carp who wrecked the feeding areas for the trout & redfin. People do eat carp, but it has to be prepared properly to get rid of the muddy taste.

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  2. sue ouzounis says:

    There used to be an Italian guy who had a restaurant, around Mildura somewhere, he had a t.v. cooking show and sometimes visited some of the producers to highlight what was being produced close by. He spoke about cooking carp on one of the shows, Stefano de Pieri (just looked him up), If you were around that way you could try and meet him and pick his brains. Seemed very friendly

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    • I just read an article on ABC about this bloke Keith Bell who goes around Australia giving demonstrations and he says they have an undeserved reputation being perpetuated over the last generation. Says they need to go in the ice slurry right away after catching to keep its histamine levels down and avoid the muddy taste. He shows people how to lift fillets off the ribcage – so you’re avoiding bones I guess. Then cook the old way – no seasonings – just coated in flour and cook in the frypan with butter. Now I’m intrigued. Thanks Sue. 🙂


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