I’m still sharing photos from our camping trip, earlier in the month.


The Welcome Swallows gave us a lot of entertainment with their antics. Many times during the course of the day, they would speed over the river and swirl among the trees, ducking and diving to avoid each other and the trees. I gave up trying to capture the action, but did manage to catch them resting on fallen timber.




I loved how their metallic black heads flashed blue in the sunlight. Towards the end of our stay, they took to skimming over our camp like we weren’t even there.



At home, the migrating butterflies are starting to arrive. I’m hoping for lots of different ones, like last year. The big tree outside the kitchen door has started flowering and is attracting more bees each day.  The butterflies loved it.

Thanks for looking.



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  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Love your little camp set up. Can imagine you and Rob transported back in time, with Rob prospecting and you with the tub and washboard scrubbing the clothes, chuckle chuckle.

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