Also called the Correa Brown, this is the orange butterfly I mentioned a few posts ago – hard to find one settled enough for a photograph. I had given up chasing one about, when this one landed right by my feet, staying long enough to get a few shots. In this first one, I love how the light catches the wing edges during a rare spread.


I can’t decide if I prefer Correa Brown over its other name – Orange Alpine Xenica.


correa brown

Thanks for looking.


Butterflies & Moths

Oreixenica correae: Orange Alpine Xenica


2 thoughts on “Oreixenica correae: Orange Alpine Xenica

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    You do realise that they all have a meeting to decide who will visit your place, sometimes they hide then they get tired of waiting for you to find them so come to you. Good photo’s again

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