This Eastern Spinebill looks very young and, like the other one, was wary but not startled by my lurking nearby with the Nikon D3000, earlier today.


This honeyeater will feed from fuchsias, too. I keep getting cuttings and popping in water – but I forget them and they die from neglect. I love fuchsias, and if it will keep these cuties about longer, I’m all for trying again. I’m too stingy to buy a plant.


Thanks for looking.



Eastern Spinebill


5 thoughts on “Eastern Spinebill

    • LOL, I’ll be on the lookout – I’ll take a walk around the block. When we moved mum to her new place I brought home cuttings from the bush next door. Just dried up twigs, now, still in the jar. 🙂 It’s miracle that my magnolia tree is still alive – survived its repotting okay and gave me two flowers, right when we had all that torrential rain!


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