On my front fence today… I did put out a little sunflower seed. (Nikon D3000)

The other day, Mr R. told me he could hear a bird screaming in the bushes. He thought a cat had it. Turned out there was a half-grown lorikeet scuttling around in the messy network of cypress branches on the ground. Between the shelter and his threatening squawks, none of the cats had been able to touch him.

I got a towel and coaxed him out. After taking him up the backyard, I popped him over the fence, but he just flapped to the ground. One of the neighbour’s cats had followed me, so I couldn’t leave the poor bedraggled bird in danger. I put him in a cage, with some food and water, until he could fly better.

Next morning, as soon a I woke, I went out to check. The little lorikeet was zipping back and forward from perch to perch. Poor fellow must have been exhausted the day before. And then I heard another lorikeet calling from the tree above. I opened the cage door. He dashed out. The parent escorted him down the length of the yard, and out of sight.

I never thought to take a single photo! And I’m not even sure if it was a Rainbow Lorikeet or one of the other lorikeets that live down the lane.

I was very pleased with myself – and Mr R.



On my front fence: Rainbow Lorikeets


2 thoughts on “On my front fence: Rainbow Lorikeets

  1. sue says:

    Yes, you should be very proud of yourself. So i suppose you are going to be watching to see if they come back? With all your cameras & phone you forgot to take a picture.

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