We’ve been here, at Edwards River Campground, near Mathoura, since Tuesday afternoon and expect to stay a few more days yet. We have mobile wi-fi and a phone signal.


As soon as we parked the car, a female fairy-wren took interest in our mirrors, thus the blue plastic bags over them!


The Superb Fairy-wrens, male and female, hop by our feet several times during the day.


A pair of tree-creepers are usually close behind them. These birds eat ants, so my bird book said. We have very few flies here, so far, which is good. I’ve only seen one ant!


Thanks for looking.




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Edwards River Campground, NSW


6 thoughts on “Edwards River Campground, NSW

    • They’re gorgeous, Elizabeth. I never tire of them, and still feel a bit embarrassed when I recall I’ve not long discovered these males only don their blue plumage for breeding season! I thought they must have migrated or something. 🙂

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  1. Sue says:

    Yes the blue ones are gorgeous. We need to start breeding the tree creepers, the ants are getting out of control. Looks like a beautiful spot and luckily the weather has been really good. Keep an eye open for snakes. Remember bang bang bang thump thump thump as you walk

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