How cute is this! We have been here nearly a week at Big Tom’s Beach, on the Murray River near Cobram, Victoria, and this gorgeous couple are the only koalas we’ve seen.


Mr R. hears the koalas calling in the distance several times a day and during the night, so there are more about. They sound like wild pigs!

The weather is great, though still a little too windy. Got the inverter going today and charged the laptops from the battery we use to run the fridge. I’ve only just started using my phone browser for outlook email, weather reports and AFL (football) headlines. I’m able to charge it by USB from a cigarette plug set in the side of the camper-trailer. No point me whining about how quick my battery winds down, as I never used the laptop much even when we had powered sites – which was all the time between here and our first week, when we camped at Edwards River (though we did have a few forced internet-free days at St Albans in the Blue Mountains).

We plan on going home next weekend.

Thanks for looking.


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Koala and babe.


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          • well I hear ya – but sometimes we need those “could have but did not days” – because they are sometimes what allow is to decompress and just be human.
            And trust me _ I wrestle with this and need to remind msyelf – but we are not machines and sometimes the demands we place on our time and output – well whew – we need to lighten up – but I know we also want to make good use of out time and we know what we “can” do and what we are capable of –
            but we also have to remember that down time is super important.
            and even though we all are different – I think we forget this in our busy culture where we raise the bar high for projects and output

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          • 🙂
            and to add more – sometimes a pause and less productive times can help you get more from the times you do write.
            I see this in my writing – but also in my yoga or workout classes. Breaks and off days can lead to better output when I do go – ]
            anyhow, hope you enjoy your down time


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