A Darter fishing in front of our camp. It was quite startled when it popped its head out of the water, so close to me!


Big Tom’s Beach, Murray River, near Cobram. (Nikon D300)

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2 thoughts on “Darter

  1. sue says:

    That was a nice hello. Are you heading home at the end of the week or not decided yet. In Adelaide its supposed to be hot this week and next, so you will be getting the same.

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    • We got home just before the Melbourne Cup Long weekend. Took me 10 days before I could go walking in the backyard without Vika – just putting my runners, in my usual chair, is a trigger, still. I’ve only used my camera a few times. BUT, I’ve been out in the garden, weeding like mad, and hoeing up clumps of long grass and generally tidying up. Not going away again until February!


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