I’m not out with the camera much these days, but I do have a lot of photos of our trip to share. I’ve had a break from the gardening, but need to get back to it. It’s Market Day this Saturday, and I might pick up some shrubs – something I’ve been meaning to do for years. I’m also doing a couple of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Learning) on project and time management. My procrastination levels are at an all time high! I intend publishing my second book in April, on the second anniversary of the first. After Christmas, I’ll knuckle down on the revision. Picked up several more encouraging reviews on Amazon, and a couple of sales, too.

So, people, back to Big Tom’s Beach, on the Murray River, near Cobram, Victoria. Until we were speaking to one of the other campers, we didn’t know all fishing is banned in this part of the river from September to December, thus protecting the Murray Cod breeding season. Didn’t bother us though, as we didn’t wish to fish. No wonder the river seemed quiet.

The ducks loved it.





The wood ducks arrived several times over the course of each day. They’d preen by the water, before wandering up past the sand, checking the vegetation for food.


Thanks for looking.



Chenonetta jubata: Australian Wood Duck


7 thoughts on “Chenonetta jubata: Australian Wood Duck

  1. sue says:

    Beaut pictures as usual Christine. That was a good bit of information to get about the fishing. Lucky you didn’t want to fish otherwise you may have found a fishing inspector jumping out of the bushes.

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    • The Maritime fellows were about, that’s for sure. There was a woman on a motorbike who drove close to every camp and we decided later on that she must have been one of them, looking for fishing gear. They did a sweep of the river by boat, too. 🙂


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