I trust you all have had a satisfying start to the New Year, a lovely break from your normal routine, and managed to catch up with lots of family. If not, well… make it happen. That’s my slogan for 2019. Make it happen! No more gunnas for me, just doing. Okay, stop laughing, I mean it this time.

Anyway, here’s my entry in a new-to-me photo challenge, over a Maria’s blog. The theme I’ve chosen this week is Frozen. This pic is from my archives, snapped with that lovely old Nokia Lumia 520 Windows phone I used to use back then – the one with the macro function.


I believe it was minus five or six on that May morning, back in 2015.  Frost coated everything including my favourite rose.  Such cold was a distant memory during the recent heat-wave in much of Australia.

If you’re looking to jump into a photo challenge, this one is posted weekly on Saturdays. Yeah, I know it’s Sunday down-under, but it seemed rude to post before the challenge began. I’ve worked out, if I schedule for late on our Saturday, my entry will post early Saturday morning in Ontario, Canada, home of  Maria’s Photo Challenge. #2019picoftheweek

Here’s the theme list. You can pick and choose, at random, see, and there are more than 52 to choose from, how cool is that! Some brain-stretchers there.

Maria's Weekly Pic Challenge list

Since I don’t want to get confused, I’m going to try to (oops) I’ll do them in order, else I’ll get stuck with all the hard ones at the end of the year.

Thanks for looking, and do have a great 2019.



Photo Challenge 2019 at Maria's

FROZEN: Photo Challenge #1


7 thoughts on “FROZEN: Photo Challenge #1

  1. Sue says:

    That is unbelievable. It’s like something you would find in a disney movie with a princes waking up in the middle of it.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR – didn’t bother sending many messages at midnight. Usually sit in a queue waiting to be sent.
    ANYWAY it’s Macedonian (Orthodox) Xmas tomorrow and their New Year is still to come. Not that we will be celebrating them, just thought you might like to know.

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  2. Sue says:

    Don’t worry if you get a lot of dings. Going through my emails and didn’t realise I had saved up so many of yours. Having a read through each one so it is going to take a while. Yes I do know I can go through you page to get to any of them if I want.
    Hope New Year has started out well for you. More hot weather coming by the end of the week. Yesterday was nice & so far today is as well.
    I had never really thought about the Orthodox Christmas & New Year being on a different day. Easter has always been more noticeable I suppose because of the endless supply of eggs.

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