As usual, my participation in blog challenges tends to fall short. No surprise, then, that I’ve missed a few weeks of #2019picoftheweek over at Maria’s.  (The photo challenge where I get to pick anything from the list.)

I’m choosing WONDER, as my theme this week.  Because, when I took this photograph this morning, I wondered a lot…

I wonder if that’s a Vanessa butterfly…


It was. Vanessa kershawi, to be exact, otherwise known as the Australian Painted Lady. Of about 20 Vanessa species worldwide, Australia has three. This one is distinguishable from vanessa cardui by the three blue-centred ocelli on each hind-wing. Yeah, the blue dots. I rarely see any of the Vanessa genus here.

I wonder if it will stay still long enough for the camera to focus. It didn’t.


I wonder if it will come back again. It did, twice more, but didn’t settle.

I wonder if it is still Saturday over at Maria’s blog. Maybe not, but do pop over there and look at her fascinating, and funny, pic of the week.  I guarantee you’ll have a giggle.

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Photo Challenge: Wonder


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