The countryside in our part of the world is very dry as we approach the end of Summer. The bit of rain we had over the last couple of days has settled some dust, but that’s about all. It feels like Autumn already. I haven’t had the camera out for days, but this morning when I checked the garden, I spotted some thornbills. They proved elusive, so I settled for scenery. The cows looked lovely and peaceful, soaking up the morning sunshine.


I didn’t notice the kangaroo in the background until I uploaded the SD card to my laptop.


Tomorrow, Mr R. and I begin our next camper-trailer adventure. Our final destination is beyond Adelaide, South Australia, to the ‘Copper Triangle’ formed by three towns settled by Cornish miners, including my husbands ancestors. Neither of us have visited that part of Australia before.

Thanks for looking. Do have a great day.


Cows ‘n Kangaroo


3 thoughts on “Cows ‘n Kangaroo

  1. Sue says:

    It’s very dry there. [edited]
    Anyway Hope you have a good time. Have been told it’s different countryside up there. Do you have any ancestors from around there, supposed to be a very good cemetery.



    • Rob has a Robert MUTTON and his wife buried at Kadina, headstone and all, so keen to see that. Copper miners, though his William was a blacksmith who took up residence in Victoria. Looking forward to seeing some new-to-us countryside.


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