So, here we are at Day 24, and I’ve been neglecting my blog extra badly. It’s not like lat time, when we had no internet connection at times, or couldn’t power the electronics. This time, internet has had no dead zones – even on The Coorong – and we purchased an extra deep cycle battery to make sure we could charge stuff without putting power to the fridge in jeopardy. Nope, I’ve just been lazy!


Blue Lake, Mount Gambier, S.A.


Sunset on the Coorong, S.A.

I’ve taken so many photos! Hard to know what to share. I think I’ll write up our trip properly when we get home.


Ducks, Valley Lake, Mount Gambier, S.A.


Spur-winged Plover, Caravan Park, Mount Gambier, S.A.

We’re in the Copper Triangle now, and have already traipsed around the Moonta and Kadina Cemeteries and explored some of the area’s Cornish heritage. We’re having Cornish pasties tonight.

Now, I must post this, before my battery goes flat again. Thanks for looking.

Do have a great day!


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Day 24.


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