We’re back in Victoria now, on the homeward trail. A few days ago, on the road, I was excited to see an emu grazing / picking in a paddock containing nothing but stubble – probably wheat – and a few trees. Then I saw another emu, and next minute there seemed to be tons of them! I drove on, wondering if I should turn around to take photos, or drive back the next day, without the camper, and hope they were still there.

When I spotted the next lot, I pulled over.



I was satisfied with just the two emus, until I noticed activity on a hill to my left. (My horizons are usually a bit inaccurate, as I tend to hold the camera tilted, but this was a hill. I tried to line my vertical guide with the water tank.)


Three more emus. Then, all of a sudden, emus were everywhere.



It’s sight I will never forget. It was the unexpectedness of seeing such numbers, in the middle of the day, in such a hot, dry, landscape.

Thanks for looking.



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Emus in the stubble.


4 thoughts on “Emus in the stubble.

  1. Sue says:

    Wow, that would have been fantastic to see. All the poor animals are having it tough at the moment. We had a huge influx of native birds about a week ago but they seemed to have moved on. Don’t know if they have headed back to the centre and a big rain is coming or if they have just depleted their food source.

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  2. Never seen an Emu in the wild. Closest we come in my area to such large birds are Sandhill Cranes and Great Blue Herons. Beautiful, impressive birds nonetheless but how incredible to see such an Emu wild and so many! Wow, they’re so big! Really appreciate you sharing what your world is like.


  3. sue says:

    Sent a message to you with a picture of Henry & Eliza Jane’s Marriage certificate. Doesn’t have anything on it to be of help. Can’t even tell if the signatures are their’s or not. They all look the same.

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