We spent three nights up Big Tom’s Beach, on the Murray River near Cobram, on the New South Wales & Victorian border. The new roof racks on the Triton came in handy for hanging out the freshly-washed laundry that I took with me. The weather was glorious, once one got through the chill of the morning.


The river level was the lowest we’d ever seen it there, making carrying the Pedalfish 10 to the water a bit of a slog. You can see the pedal assembly in this next photo. Once in the water, one drops the pedals through the bottom. The shape of the hull underneath means water doesn’t come in much. I found that quite astounding.


There was an island upstream from where we camped, made bigger by exposed sand. We decided to just paddle to it, not pedal, because of submerged timber. I love this next photo, taken with my phone. Because it’s a fishing kayak, the width of the Pedalfish 10 makes it stable: never once looked like falling out. We didn’t do any fishing, of course, but that’s something we’ll do in the future.


It was a fair effort paddling upstream, despite how flat the water looks, but going back took a fraction of the time.

Before we’d left home, the Autumn break had brought plenty of rain and it was a pleasure to come home to a green landscape.

I’ll share it tomorrow.

Really. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. Sue says:

    Great pictures, but that was a very short trip, thought you were going to be away longer. That spot looks ideal. The current in the Murray is extremely strong, looks smooth on top but you can feel it tugging at your ankles.

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    • Yeah, Rob took a bad turn (thought I might lose him like I lost Vika last time we were there!) He ended up at the Cobram Urgent Care in outpatients. I think he may have been dehydrated, plus his crook eye flared up. The eye infection and a crook stomach sent his mind in a tizzy and it was touch and go if I should call the ambulance. On doctor’s advice, weleft the next day. A few weeks of antibiotics and eyedrops and he’s okay. He ended up with a black eye from the pressure that had built up before the infection showed itself. I’m scared of the sea, and the Murray! We’re eyeing off Green Lake, up near Corop, for our next kayak adventure. We called in and had a look on the way home – to satisfy our curiousity. Beaut place.


  2. Sue says:

    That’s a worry. Hope he is coming good. There are a lot of bugs around at the moment, the weather is breeding them really well. The chemists are having a boom time. He had better start taking a tonic of some kind. My dad used to swear by Waterbury’s Compound, said the only time he didn’t take it in winter was the time he ended up with bronchitis. Mum used to dose us up in winter. We aren’t getting any younger and it takes longer to heal when we get something. Probably better being back home at the moment, it has been really cold at night but nice during the day.[edited – took out personal stuff] .

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