I had trouble getting perfect pictures of the occasional male Golden Whistler popping by our camp.  Because these birds usually kept moving while foraging, I often took the shot too early – before the camera could auto focus.


This next bird is an immature Golden Whistler. You can see spots of yellow on the body, and black on the throat band.  This one was more accommodating.



I never see these birds at home. And I can’t tell you what they sound like as I’m too deaf to hear them. Next trip I’m going to wear my cheap Chinese imported hearing aids as I’m really missing bird song.

I suppose I could have doctored this final photo with a bit of light enhancement on its eye, but that would be cheating! What you see on my blog is what I get – apart from sharpening and cropping and reducing pixels.


Thanks for looking.



Golden Whistler


9 thoughts on “Golden Whistler

    • Certainly do! I miss them from my yard. They’re scarce now because of the cats next door. Fortunately, I’ve only once seen a little pile feathers, and I like to think that one got away.


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    • LOL. When I have a medical appointment, I use a cheap amplifier in my right ear – the left is too deaf to bother with. But I’ve started wearing it to the supermarket now, and watching tv at home if it’s a quieter one.


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